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Why Acquire?

Acquire is an impartial finance advisor where we work to seek the best option for your business, whether you are Education, SMB, or Enterprise. We understand that each business is unique and have a relationship with a number of highly reputable finance companies that offer competitive interest rates.

Finance or Lease to Own

There a number of benefits to financing including:

1. Increased cash flow
GST component included in the purchase price can be claimed almost immediately thus assisting cash flow.

2. Tax deductibility
a) Interest on the loan is usually fully tax deductible.
b) Full depreciation can usually be claimed in accordance with tax legislation.

3. Prudent Financing
For financial purposes you can show the equipment as an asset on the balance sheet and a matching liability for the Finance agreement. The interest portion of the instalment and the depreciation on the asset are usually tax deductible expenses.

4. Ownership
Ownership is total and any capital gain on the asset is retained in the business.

What is Finance?
Finance (often referred to as Lease to Own or Hire Purchase) is a loan secured by the equipment being financed. Title of the equipment will remain with the financier until the final payment is made, under the agreement that has been made.

What is required?
We require a deposit of the GST amount of the equipment, and instalments are due monthly in arrears thereafter i.e. you do not have to pay the first months instalment until a month after you receive the goods.

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Operating Lease

An Operating Lease is an agreement whereby the customer has full use of the equipment, but the ownership remains with the financier. The customer is required to pay a monthly rental for a minimum contracted period.

Benefits of an Operating Lease
An Operating Lease is an off-balance sheet item. It doesn't appear as a liability or the capital equipment as an asset. This has its advantages in balance sheet gearing, thereby boosting the return on assets employed.

There is minimal impact on company cash flow, with only the first month's rental, and the acceptance fee required before commencing an Operating Lease agreement.

The entire rental payment is fully tax deductible provided the Contract complies with the Income Tax Act.

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